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            Advocating for Graduate Management Education

            The marketplace for graduate management education (GME) is dynamic with schools and countries competing for talent from the world’s growing number of quality business schools. As trends continue to evolve across the globe, the need to give GME a louder, cohesive voice becomes more pressing. GMAC’s mission is rooted in helping schools and candidates better connect, and we believe there is value in actively advocating on behalf of business schools while helping more candidates realize the benefits of GME.  

            Through our sustained advocacy programs, we commit to:

            • Promoting the economic and social importance of GME to decision makers
            • Generating awareness of the value of b-school to candidates, diverse industry sectors, and other stakeholders
            • Reaching more candidates and prospective candidates earlier in their journey 
            • Fighting for policies that support schools and candidates 
            • Serving as a voice for business schools to amplify the industry’s message and share the positive narrative of GME  
            • Creating tools, resources, and programs that schools can leverage and vehicles for engaging with our advocacy efforts globally  

            The three areas of focus are: 

            Calling All Optimists

            Calling All OptimistsFirst piloted in 2017, Calling All Optimists is a strategic marketing program designed to increase awareness of and preference for GME among prospective business school candidates. The program highlights the value of business master’s degrees and encourages more people to consider GME as a viable option for them. We are building on the learnings from the initial pilots and primary research to deliver sustained advertising and outreach in targeted countries. Leveraging multiple GMAC marketing tools and channels, this initiative is aimed at reaching more people earlier in their journey and helping nurture them through their personal career and ultimately, GME path. 

            Visit the . 

            Rapid Response

            Rapid ResponseMedia storylines can greatly impact the perceived value of and sentiment around business education. Through a “Rapid Response” approach, GMAC will leverage its expertise and relationships to help tell the rich and varied story of GME globally and in key markets. We actively participate in the global narrative by monitoring relevant coverage, responding to stories that require a fact-based response and/or require more GMAC-data to tell a deeper story. We engage with key media partners directly and through our partners, proactively promoting the value of GME, providing consistent responses on behalf of the graduate management community. 

            View the most recent GMAC news coverage.

            Public Policy

            AdvocacyAdvocating on behalf of the industry and driven by the latest market intelligence and data trends, our initiatives are designed to elevate the value of and preference for business education. We actively share stakeholder insights, partner with organizations that demonstrate shared values and commitments, and work alongside seasoned stakeholders on legislation and policies that we believe we can impact. Our dedicated efforts are designed to generate awareness, articulate viewpoints, and impact relevant GME policy. 

            Engage with Us 

            Effective action is powered by collaboration. We encourage you to learn more about what we’re doing and contact体彩官方app so we can explore how—together—we can accomplish our mutual goals, tapping into the wealth of knowledge and perspectives that business schools have on these issues. We invite you to engage with us and learn more about our advocacy efforts. Complete this short form so that we may contact you regarding resources and ways to get involved. 

            You can also contact体彩官方app at any time at advocacy@

            2019 Chair’s Initiative

            Early Warning SignalsWhen we share our collective insights and stories, we raise the visibility of business education and demonstrate the value of MBA and business master’s degrees. By assembling and participating in coalitions with thought leaders, we can examine industry trends and offer our own insights into the evolving GME landscape. In 2019, GMAC published the report “Early Warning Signals: Winners and Losers in the Global Race for Talent” to highlight market insights and industry perspectives on the impact of policies, legislation, and environments in which the free flow of talent is restricted. Further, 50 deans and 13 CEOs   issued an open letter in the Wall Street Journal in October 2019 calling for policy change.